"I have been very blessed to have had the opportunity to travel and see a great portion of the world. Throughout my travels, I found that in every country, no matter where I went, there seemed to be a common denominator; young girls around the world suffered from low self-esteem, not knowing their power, and defining themselves by their physical bodies rather than their intellectual and spiritual bodies. It felt to me that all people, but girls in particular, were walking around waiting to be told their destinies. I liken it to an airplane, hovering over the runway… waiting for an air traffic controller to guide them in… helping them to land. I think that children sometimes have souls/spirits that are ‘hovering,’ waiting for an adult or adults to guide them in so that their spirits can land, and  feel grounded enough to then, in the future, ‘take off’ again on their own and fly to even higher heights. That is how Spirits Landing was founded, and the name was given."

​- Tabbatha Mays, Spirits Landing Inc.CEO & Founder-