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Sadé E. Moore is an American actress, dancer,  model, author and activist. Prior to graduating with high honors and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, Creative Writing from California State University Long Beach,Sadé  completed the Self-Mastery and Transcendence program at "The Spirits Landing Leadership Academy." Later, she launched a men, women and baby crochet accessory line called, "Adé La Couronne," while simultaneously commencing a crochet-the-change campaign against adolescent and teenage bullying. Her activism was featured in a "Why I Do," national Toyota Corolla commercial.

For two years she worked as the Program Administrator for "The RightWay Foundation," serving a large population of transitional age foster youth and became the liaison for The Gift of Compassion project.


Why Soul Manifesto?

It can help with


Digestion is important for breaking down food into nutrients that the body uses for energy, muscle growth and cell repair. Soul Manifesto includes a variety of nutritious whole foods and drinks that can be broken down into small molecules and absorbed without harming the body.  


Fatigue is weariness caused by an intense mental illness or resulting from excessive physical and mental exertion. Soul Manifesto offers a serene formula to help readers relax, release and rejuvenate from the tension, trauma and/or toxins from their past and/or present.


Detoxing is a process that involves abstaining from or ridding the body, mind and spirit of toxic or unhealthy relationships, substances, and pathologies. Soul Manifesto is a 49 day journey that provides readers with a detoxification blueprint and guides them on their quest to healing, health and happiness.

Women's and Men's Health

Emotional, Mental ,Physical and Spiritual health are essential for peace and functionality in our daily lives. For optimal wellness, health cannot be compartmentalized but must be approached as a whole so we can experience a well of balance and abundance. Soul Manifesto is a roadmap that demonstrates how to achieve holistic healing, health and happiness.

Weight Loss

Soul Manifesto includes a fun fitness regimen that targets fat and transforms it into lean muscle. You will not only shed unhealthy body weight but you will also rip through the baggage of unhealthy relationships and transform them, by transforming YOU!


We are bombarded with positive and negative stressors daily. Pressure can arise for anyone and result from something as simple as responsibility; however, Soul Manifesto offers suggestions and healthy key principles on how to alleviate unnecessary pressure while navigating through inevitable tensions that come as a byproduct of just living.



"Soul Manifesto requires one to dive deep within their soul to discover their own inner philosophy. .  I was so moved by the vulnerability and transparency within the text because I was going through a transition in my life, so having this concept reintroduced to me on a personal level was really refreshing.  It was confirming to my spirit that I was moving in the right direction."   

-Alvina Carrol-

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